What the Cats Got for Christmas

While I was in the US for Christmas I made an order on Amazon for some gifts for Elizabeth and Cornelius. No major gifts this year but I know all of these gifts are very useful.

gifts for cat

Toy Mice

I have discovered that these small, cheap toy mice that rattle are my cats’ favorite. Medium to large size fluffy toys they aren’t interested in. But these small ones they go crazy for. Elizabeth loves to carry them around the house and meow. Does anyone else’s cats do that? ¬†Because they play with these daily, they fall apart and get gross so I only give them one or two at a time and replace them as needed.


toy mice for cats

$7.99 12 pack


Litter Lifter Cat Scoop

This is one of the best scoops I’ve ever tried. Because I ordered it on Amazon I couldn’t choose the color. This is large, durable and sifts super fast. I received a pink scoop, while I would have preferred a more neutral color.

Litter Lifter


Burt’s Bees Cat Wipes

This is my first time trying these wipes and I’m looking forward to see how they do. It is important to use wipes specifically for cats, not dogs or kids.

Burt's Bees Cat Wipes



Bergan Turbo Replacement Pads, 2 pack

I’ve shared over and over that this is the single best cat toy I’ve ever owned. It is a must have for new kittens. My cats still love scratching and playing with the ball. They get so excited when a new replacement is put in. This is such a bargain toy when considering the amount of use it gets.

Turbo cat scratcher replacement pads


Bergan Twinkle Ball 

I’ve never tried this Twinkl Ball before so I’m excited to see what the cats think of it.

Bergan Twinkle Ball



So that’s what I got my cats. What did you get yours? Please share in the comments. If you want to see more of our favourite cat products you can find them here in the Shop Our Favorites.



  1. Gerri
    January 9, 2018 / 9:01 pm

    Hi – just stumbled upon this site researching the essential oil issue. My boy pees so big the plastic shovels kept snapping. I found a metal one!! No problem!!!!!! LOL!!!
    Re: oils – I only have tea tree oil (I also have a mouse problem!!!!!!) so I thought that by putting a few drops on a cotton make-up remover pad and placing it in my kitchen drawer that maybe that would deter the mice from coming in?!?!?!? Now, I’m freaking out!!!!! I did just go grab it and throw it in the garbage but the kitchen does stink of tea tree!!!!

    • January 13, 2018 / 8:51 pm

      Hello! I don’t think you need to worry. You only put the tea tree oil in the your drawer. You’re not diffusing it throughout your whole house.
      Thank you for commenting, I hope you come back often!

  2. January 5, 2018 / 4:49 am

    I also have that litter scoop and I agree with you: it’s a good tool.

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