Persians are most loved and well-known for their long luxurious coats. Persians are calm friendly cats that are well suited for family apartment life.

Besides the long hair the most recognized feature is their wide head, large eyes and very short muzzle. There are two varieties Traditional Persian (or Doll Face) and Extreme Persian ( or Peeked Face Persian).

Traditional Persian

Has a longer muzzle and nose and therefore has less health problems. Although the nose is usually still shorter than most breeds.

 Extreme Persian

Has a very short “pushed in nose” The nose is often aligned directly between its eyes. This results in shortened tear ducks that drain directly onto the face which can cause staining, respiratory problems.

They are a medium sized cat with short legs and are not the most agile cats and therefore and should be kept indoors.

The coat comes in all colors and patterns. The most important thing to consider before getting a Persian is the maintenance for its coat. Daily brushing is best to prevent mats. And weekly more intense grooming sessions are needed.

Best Brushes for Grooming Persian Cats

cat grooming

Scaredy Cut Scissors

Scaredy Cut scissors grooming cats

Hairball Prevention

coconut oil hairballs

Oster A6 Pet Clippers Review

Oster A6 pet clipper


Thinning Shears

Thinning Scissors

Persian Cat Care Tips

Persian Cat Care


How to Clean Persian Cat Eyes

how to clean persian cat eyes


Dos and Don'ts of Grooming Persian Cats

Grooming Lion Cut

Lion cut shaving persian cats

Love Your Laptime Grooming Mat

Love your laptime grooming Persian cats


Looking to adopt a Persian cat? Check out these purebred rescue groups.


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