Crystal Prism Rainbow Maker Cat Toy

My favourite cat toys are ones that take up very little space, are engaging to my cats and are multi-purpose.

Like the DIY vase scratcher is decor and scratching post. Or how the Bergan Turbo is a toy and scratcher.

Today I’m sharing my new favourite thing for my home. A Sun-catcher Crystal Prism Rainbow maker. If you hang it in your window in direct sunlight you will have little rainbows all over the room. The rainbows look absolutely beautiful in my home and the cats are obsessed.

I got the idea because I have noticed several times that the cats will see a light reflection on the wall from my phone and they love following it. I remember seeing these Prism rainbow makers when I was young. I went on Amazon and bought one. The one I got is a 76mm Asfour Crystal Teardrop Sun-catcher Crystal Prisms.

For only $5 this is such a great deal. It provides interest and engagement for my cats and creates a lovely ambiance in a sunny room.


Crystal Prism Rainbow Maker Cat Toy


It is hard to capture exactly how beautiful this is. But here is one photo. Depending on the time of day and the weather, I have little rainbows all over. The cats love following the light and I love watching them. I’ve hung it on a string in the window and it moves with the wind which scatters the rainbows throughout the room.

Crystal Prism Rainbow Maker Cat Toy

Do you cats like to chase shadows and light? Then you should definitely try this.