Catchitecture Cardboard Cat Cave

We received a large exciting package in the mail. From the minute I brought it in the house the cats were interested, almost obsessed. For whatever reason cats go crazy for cardboard.

Catchitecture Octacat Cave

Cat Chitecture is a New York based company founded by an architecture, design and cat lover. It is inspired by contemporary architecture and origami folding techniques.

Octacat is a folded cardboard hideout for cats of all sizes. It arrives as a thin flat package. Assembly is easy by folding numbers into place. The most difficult part was pushing away the cats that were trying to jump inside.

It comes in 4 colors, kraft, black, white and silver and sells for $30

Octacat cardboard hideout

 Catchitecture Octacat Cardboard Cat Cave  Catchitecture Octacat Cave

In the packaging they include this cat carpet that you can cut out and lay in front of the cat cave. It’s genius of course because again cats are attracted to cardboard. It’s like their own little yoga mat.

Overall Opinion:

I love the geometric shape. The top is flat and sturdy enough to set something on. While it is sturdy strong cardboard, it is cardboard and it can’t last forever. My cats love to bite cardboard, do yours cats do this? As soon it was assembled they were instantly tasting the cardboard. We have had it out for a month now and it’s still in great shape. There are a few love bite marks around the edges. The cats are continually chasing each other in and out of the cave and use it daily.

*We received this product for review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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