Bartholomeow Pet Designs

bartholomeow-rascador-mishus stylish cat stracher
I love discovering new designers creating stylist pet products. Bartholomeow is a new Mexican company making stylish products for cats, dogs and your home. Titila House is one of my favorites. Comes in 4 different colors and different… View Post

Cheshire & Wain Luxury Cat Collar

Cheshire & Wain Luxury cat collar
Check out this sweet little luxury gift that Cornelius received that I am jealous of. Cheshire & Wain is London based company that excels at making luxury cat collars.  And when I say luxury, that is no joke.… View Post

Silicone Cat Food Mat

Pet Fusion Silcone Food Mat
For whatever reason cats love to pick up their food and eat it just next to their food dishes. I wanted to put a mat down under the dishes to make clean up easier and quicker. I saw… View Post

My Declawed Cat

declaweed cat
Meet Susannah. She was my first cat. And I had her declawed. I didn’t even know I liked cats until I had Susannah. I got her when I was 20. I didn’t know anything about cats really. My… View Post