Catnip – Tabby James

Tabby James Organic Catnip
Catnip is a member of the mint family. It is unknown why cats like catnip exactly. Most cats, even large cats such as lions and tigers react to catnip.  However around 20% of  cats show no interest.  Young… View Post

CuBowl Copper Water Bowl

CuBowl Copper and Silver water cat bowl
I love anything copper or brass colored. So when I saw these  CuBowls  on Instagram I knew I needed one.   These bowls are not only beautiful but functional. They are stainless steel bowls which are unlacquered and… View Post

Zen Clipper: Giveaway!

Zen Clipper cat nail clipper
I received both praise and criticism for my post about why I declawed my first cat Susannah. The majority of comments were understanding and appreciated my honestly of why I declawed my cat and how much I have… View Post

What My Cats Taught me about Clean Eating and Veganism

National Cat Day
October 29th marks National Cat day. Cotopaxi inspired me to share a personal story of how my cats have positively influenced my life. Cotopaxi makes innovative outdoor products that encourage people to live an adventurous life and spread positive vibes.… View Post
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