1st Lion Cut for my Persian Cats

Lion cut shaving Persian cat
6 weeks ago Cornelius and Elizabeth both got a Lion Cut for the first time.  I want to share our experiences and answer some common questions I frequently get about shaving Persian cats.     Why shave these… View Post

DIY Yarn Cat Ball Cave

DIY yarn cat ball cave bed
My love for DIY projects is real. A DIY project that makes my home beautiful and my cats happy, is the perfecta of DIY projects. Read more to see how I made this DIY yarn ball cat cave.… View Post

Poopoopeedo Litter Box Update

Poopoopeedo cat litter box
After one year of use, the Poopoopeedo litter box has proven to be a worthwhile investment. Originally I wanted to get the white one but thought it would get dirty easily. I was wrong. The ABS plastic used… View Post

DIY: Ikea Stolmen Hack Cat Tree

cat tree ikea stolmen hack
 The Ikea Stolmen system is famous in the cat world for making cat trees for obvious reasons. Many people and companies make various versions of this cat tree. When I found someone getting rid of their Stolmen system… View Post

Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul is a magical city full of affectionate well-kept beautiful cats. Istanbul has a long tradition of respecting and adoring its cats.
Istanbul is a magical city and somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I was expecting delicious food, rich culture, gorgeous textiles, and beautiful sun and sea. I was not expecting to find so many friendly… View Post