PAWZ 3 Way Cat Tunnel Review

PAWZ 3 way tunnel cat toy review
I had been looking to buy a cat tunnel for a while. I liked the idea of a large cat toy that would make a large impact. I wanted something exciting and interactive but that wasn’t expensive or… View Post

Catnip – Tabby James

Tabby James Organic Catnip
Catnip is a member of the mint family. It is unknown why cats like catnip exactly. Most cats, even large cats such as lions and tigers react to catnip.  However around 20% of  cats show no interest.  Young… View Post

CuBowl Copper Water Bowl

CuBowl Copper and Silver water cat bowl
I love anything copper or brass colored. So when I saw these  CuBowls  on Instagram I knew I needed one.   These bowls are not only beautiful but functional. They are stainless steel bowls which are unlacquered and… View Post