Zen Clipper: Giveaway!

Zen Clipper cat nail clipper
I received both praise and criticism for my post about why I declawed my first cat Susannah. The majority of comments were understanding and appreciated my honestly of why I declawed my cat and how much I have… View Post

1st Lion Cut for my Persian Cats

Lion cut shaving Persian cat
6 weeks ago Cornelius and Elizabeth both got a Lion Cut for the first time.¬† I want to share our experiences and answer some common questions I frequently get about shaving Persian cats.     Why shave these… View Post

DIY Yarn Cat Ball Cave

DIY yarn cat ball cave bed
My love for DIY projects is real. A DIY project that makes my home beautiful and my cats happy, is the perfecta of DIY projects. Read more to see how I made this DIY yarn ball cat cave.… View Post

Poopoopeedo Litter Box Update

Poopoopeedo cat litter box
After one year of use, the Poopoopeedo litter box has proven to be a worthwhile investment. Originally I wanted to get the white one but thought it would get dirty easily. I was wrong. The ABS plastic used… View Post